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Vase Hire

Martini Vases

Martini vases make the perfect table centrepiece because they add a touch of glamour to any event. They are versatile as they can be dressed with flowers or floating candles to  accommodate any theme or budget. Our maritini vases are 70cm high so do not obstruct the eye level of guests seated at tables. LED lights can also be added to create twinkle and sparkle at night. Florists can create an impressive table decoration that sits on top of the vases which can be removed at the end of the event to make perfect gifts for guests. Our martini vases are £12 to hire with mirror plate

Hurricane Vases

Hurricane vases make fabulous tables centrepieces and are also excellent to dress anywhere in your venue - the ceremony table, mantle-pieces and even pew ends. They look stunning with a ring of flowers around the base which can be doubled up as gifts or auction prizes. Our hurricane vases are £8 to hire